Already feeling yucky and a bit negative.

My first BCP was yesterday and I was worried about taking it for most of the day.  Who knew such a tiny pill would cause me so much stress?  The cleaners were at the house and one of them sprayed some pretty awful shower cleaner and I practically swallowed it and I was nauseous for about 4 hours after that.  Blah.  Then hubby and I had to drive up 4 hours in an ice storm for a business trip for him.  I felt fine until about the last 1/2 hour.  In the hotel I crammed myself with bread and about 10 chocolate chip cookies and then took the pill because I didn’t want to take it on an empty stomach.  I thought “not so bad”, then about an hour later it hit me.  I was super sick for hours and finally after chewing on a piece if ginger for a while, I started feeling better.  I slept OK but not really a solid night so today I woke up tired and still a little queasy.  I’m thinking that I felt bad last night because of all the cookies and not so much the pill.  I haven’t eaten anything today so I’m going to nibble on a banana or something and then around 10pm or so I’ll take my pill, this time with a slice of bread and NO cookies!  Hubby and I got in an argument (who could blame us, after driving home another 4 hours in less than 24 hours from the last 4 hour trip) and that didn’t help me feel better.   Sometimes I feel pressure from him to be this perfect type of wife, all happy-go-lucky and content, but I’m just not.  I have had this burden of infertility in my heart for years and it’s taken it’s toll.  That, plus the added pressure of this IVF cycle; it’s no wonder my stomach is queasy so much.  Oh, well, I guess it’s just one of the things I have to learn to not get me stressed out.  My main concern right now is that if I’m exhausted from the fertility meds, I’ll feel like I have to fight through just to make hubby happy instead of listening to my body and resting.  I know I’ll have to talk to him about this and I’m hoping that talk will go well.    Anyway, I’m hoping to feel better tonight, I can’t wait to get to sleep.  I have a girls night out tomorrow that I am actually dreading but I promised I’d go so hopefully I’ll feel ok for that.  Sigh, bummer of a blog today, I hope they get better!


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