Ladies and Gents, step right up and see the amazing disappearing follicle!

That’s right, folks, my nine has gone down to 5. It’s a pretty decent 5, but who knows if any of them will even have a good egg inside. Needless to say, I’m pretty disappointed. I do have 10 maybe even more that are too small to measure but apparently they are too lazy to do much of anything but cheer the other 5 on. So here is the count. Left ovary – 17, 15.5 and 14 and right ovary – 15 and 15. OK, the 17 looks a little like the kid in class who always has his hand raised because he wants everyone to think he’s the smartest. Honestly, we don’t need 2mm bigger and don’t get any ideas to suddenly explode into a 21mm when everyone else is growing slow and steady. My E2 levels are 904 (I’m told that’s good but I really have no idea, I’m just glad it’s not through the roof and I’m at risk for OHSS) and my lining is 12mm. So I guess I could have worse news. I stay on the 300 of gonal-f and my lupron was upped to 10 again. I guess my RE doesn’t want anyone to get excited and ovulate on their own. I also have to go back tomorrow morning and get another check. That should be fun in the snowstorm we are having. Hubby offered to drive since his jeep has 4 wheel drive but I’d hate for him to get up so early. Of course, I’m looking out the window right now and it’s like a winter wonderland, so I might take him up on his offer. I’m really hoping for better news tomorrow. Maybe a follie or two were hiding at todays u/s. Or maybe one of the underachievers decided to step up. I just would hate to go through the retrieval and wind up with nothing. I’m trying to be positive about this but it starting to get hard. Plus, I still don’t feel well so that doesn’t help. Oh, well. I’m thinking by next week it will all be over and hopefully I’ll be cooking some good looking embies!


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    Sarah said,

    i think with your E2 level there’s a good bet more are growing and have a shot at catching up. also the 17mm isn’t all THAT much bigger, a 2 mm spread is pretty normal i think. but then again i got me RE degree at google university so what do i know?

    i hope you let the hubs drive tomorrow. the last thing you need is something extra (like snow driving) to worry about. we really do deserve to be charioted around, don’t we?

    good luck!

  2. 2

    Jo said,

    When I saw the title of your post I panicked for a minute — I am so glad to hear you still have five good follies!!!!!!! That’s great! Hope tomorrow brings even better news.

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