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To pee or not to pee…

That’s the question. I have no more HPTs in the house. I used up the 2 that I had on “let’s see if this works” testing. Meaning, one I used for real and one I ran under the faucet. Then I compared. See? I’m crazy. All these fertility drugs have made me crazy. I half expected to see the faucet HPT come up positive because it seems like everyone else around me is pregnant and I keep hearing it’s in the water so, hey, why not test that theory. And just as I suspected, it wasn’t in my water. Maybe that has been my problem all these years, I don’t have pregnant water. Didn’t Nicole Kidman find some miracle fountain in New Zealand or somewhere that made her pregnant? See, that’s what I get for not drinking the fancy imported bottled water. Thanks alot, Poland Springs!

So now I need more tests. Do I want to spend the money? I’m telling you, I’m have stimulated the economy over the years all by myself buying HPTs. I mean, the cheapest one at the drug store is $14.99 for 2. Ha, what a joke. Then they make you feel like you are getting a deal when they throw in an extra one for $4 more. I swear, these manufacturers know a good thing when they see it. They prey on all the ladies out there who are hoping every month to get pregnant and they know that we start testing (at least I do) as soon as I think I’ve ovulated. Not every month, mind you. 12 months a year for 5 years means a small fortune would have been spent on tests. Um, Mr. President, do you think while you are shelling out another $30 billion to AIG, can you sweep a couple of hundred my way. I promise I won’t have a gaggle of kids and use taxpayer’s money to support me like a certain mother we know out there. What do you think?

Well, onto the symptoms update. From 5dp3dt (that’s 5 days past a 3 day transfer) I had cramps pretty much all day. 2 acupuncture treatments in a row didn’t really stop them. Today, they finally seem to have calmed down. I hope that’s a good sign. Hopefully my body is not trying to get rid of anything, or maybe the cramps were a sign that my little embie(s) were trying to snuggle in. I am still getting tired, but now with daylight savings time the sleepiness starts around 5pm. And as tired as I get, I’m still not able to get to sleep at night. That’s pretty much it.

So, I have less than a week until I know for sure if this IVF worked. I don’t want to think about it. I just want to be pregnant. So, I guess I need to decide whether or not I should pee or not before the beta. Hmmm, to be continued, I guess…


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A cramp cramp here, and a cramp cramp there…

I have to say, at 5 days past my 3 day transfer, I’m not feelin’ it. Or, more appropriately, I’m feeling it too much. I have been having cramps ALL DAY like you know what is coming any day now. I was a little crampy since the transfer but today was the worst. I woke up earlier than I have been so I could go to acupuncture. Crampy. My acupuncturist said my aura was really strong (that’s great, does it mean I’m pregnant?) and she loaded me up with needles, mostly in my head and ears. Yeah, it’s as gross as it sounds and believe me, I was so not relaxed during my 20 minutes of laying there like a pin cusion. Driving home, still crampy. My mom came over for a visit later this afternoon and by about 4:00 I was ready for her to leave because I could hardly sit up straight from being so tired. Oh yeah, and crampy. Now, I’m not getting too excited about the tired thing, I am on progesterone supps 3X a day but I am pretty nervous about the cramps. It feels like every other month before “She who will not be named” makes her appearance. Now, I’m sitting on my couch and I notice that the cramps are gone but I’m sure once I’m up and moving around, they will start again. I have heard conflicting opinions about feeling like this. Some people say it’s a great sign to have cramps now because it could be the embies implanting, and still others talk about how they got “you know who” early in their 2WW. So which catagory will I fall under? I was so nervous yesterday because I really didn’t feel much, but today it’s the total opposite. I have 2 HPTs in my bathroom and I’m thinking of using one tomorrow just to see. I know it’s super early, but hey, what’s a 2WW without peeing on everything in sight that looks like a stick? Oh, and my acupuncturist called me tonight to have me come in again tomorrow for a “holding treatment”. I wasn’t supposed to go in until next Tuesday. So now I’m freaked out even more. Is she so concerned that she’s having me come in 2 days in a row? I think I need to listen to my meditation cds or something.

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I am officially pregnant until proven otherwise! The transfer was yesterday and I really had no idea what to expect. I googled everything there was about egg retrievals but didn’t think to look up what to expect with an egg transfer. I figured with 4 IUI’s under my belt, there really shouldn’t be much mystery, right? Well, it was just a little different. Hubby and I got to the clinic an hour before the transfer time and I started drinking water. I brought my own bottle but was told that it wouldn’t be enough to fill my bladder. What? I don’t exactly have the biggest bladder and I figured that my 20oz of smartwater would do the trick. Apparently they wanted me to be doing a little dance with my legs crossed as we walked into the transfer room. I was fine until the u/s tech started pressing on my bladder looking for my uterus. Even after drowning myself, my stubborn bladder was still not full enough. I was really hoping that they wouldn’t make me go back out to drink more. There were 13 transfers that day (I was number 3) and I didn’t want to be bumped to the end of the line. By the way, we picked the month that they had a record number of retrievals, 246 in fact. So now I’m starting to feel like I’m on an assembly line. Anyway, back to the uncomfortably full bladder. Fortunately, the doctor said everything looked fine and all of a sudden the room is buzzing with people. I had one nurse on each leg and they wrapped their respective leg in a blanket and put it in the stirrups. Not the kind with the foot thing, it was the kind that went under my knee. Yeah, it was just as comfy as it sounds, which was not at all. I had bought a pair of over the knee socks in a cute stripe pattern because I figured it would be nice to dress up a little and really, socks are the only thing you would be able to see. The nurses appreciated my extra effort but promptly covered up my legs so now I look like one of those Thanksgiving turkeys with the fancy white covers that go over the legs. I had a blanket over my legs but it really didn’t cover anything so there I am, legs open for all the world to see and a doctor and 2 nurses that I had never met all staring at the same place. Oh, plus the embryologist, but she didn’t really come in for too long. It’s funny, I don’t even care anymore when total strangers are mulling around my girlie parts (well, as long as they have some sort of medical degree!!). Modesty? I remember that from a long time ago. How quaint. So we get to see the pics of our 2 wonderful 8 cell embies on a screen and then the u/s tech told me to look at the u/s screen because I would be able to see the catheter and the embies go in my uterus. So in goes the speculum (ouch), then the doctor took her sweet time cleaning my cervix and apparently someone ordered the deluxe wash because she was in there for quite a long time, and then in goes the catheter. I didn’t even feel it, which was very suprising. Usually my poor cervix is poked like there is a person trying to thread a needle with their eyes closed, but this time it was quick and easy! We watched on the screen and saw 2 tiny air bubbles and the doctor told us that between those bubbles were our little embies. After that, I had to lay there for 10 minutes and then it was time to go. I went right to my acupuncturist and got my treatment and then home to bed. So I have been lounging around in bed all weekend and have almost watch all of my new DVDs. I’m not really feeling that good today, I don’t know why, but I’m hoping I’ll be feeling better tomorrow. I’m a little freaked out that there are 2 embies inside me that are hopefully growing and getting ready to implant. It’s exciting, though! I get my beta in 2 weeks and I’m hoping for great news! Now I’m off to watch another movie!

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