A cramp cramp here, and a cramp cramp there…

I have to say, at 5 days past my 3 day transfer, I’m not feelin’ it. Or, more appropriately, I’m feeling it too much. I have been having cramps ALL DAY like you know what is coming any day now. I was a little crampy since the transfer but today was the worst. I woke up earlier than I have been so I could go to acupuncture. Crampy. My acupuncturist said my aura was really strong (that’s great, does it mean I’m pregnant?) and she loaded me up with needles, mostly in my head and ears. Yeah, it’s as gross as it sounds and believe me, I was so not relaxed during my 20 minutes of laying there like a pin cusion. Driving home, still crampy. My mom came over for a visit later this afternoon and by about 4:00 I was ready for her to leave because I could hardly sit up straight from being so tired. Oh yeah, and crampy. Now, I’m not getting too excited about the tired thing, I am on progesterone supps 3X a day but I am pretty nervous about the cramps. It feels like every other month before “She who will not be named” makes her appearance. Now, I’m sitting on my couch and I notice that the cramps are gone but I’m sure once I’m up and moving around, they will start again. I have heard conflicting opinions about feeling like this. Some people say it’s a great sign to have cramps now because it could be the embies implanting, and still others talk about how they got “you know who” early in their 2WW. So which catagory will I fall under? I was so nervous yesterday because I really didn’t feel much, but today it’s the total opposite. I have 2 HPTs in my bathroom and I’m thinking of using one tomorrow just to see. I know it’s super early, but hey, what’s a 2WW without peeing on everything in sight that looks like a stick? Oh, and my acupuncturist called me tonight to have me come in again tomorrow for a “holding treatment”. I wasn’t supposed to go in until next Tuesday. So now I’m freaked out even more. Is she so concerned that she’s having me come in 2 days in a row? I think I need to listen to my meditation cds or something.


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  1. 1

    Pepper said,

    I’m voting for cramps being a good sign. 🙂

  2. 2

    Jo said,

    I’m not going to tell you to “relax” because that’s what I hate MOST about this whole thing — everyone telling you to “relax.” Like that is going to change the outcome!

    I am going to tell you that I am praying that this is a GREAT sign, that your embabies are burrowing in safe and snug for a lengthy stay.

    When do you go in for your beta?


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