Week 10 update!! We have an apricot!

OK, I’m totally the worst blogger ever. You would think with all the time I spend in bed I would devote a little of it to updating this blog, but no, I’m so lazy I hardly even want to make the effort to turn on the laptop. Anyway, I’m not 10 weeks and 2 days and there has been a lot going on. I went to my midwife exam today and hubby came with me. We got to hear the heartbeat and I could have listened to it the whole morning. I have been freaking out since my BFP that something would happen to this little bean and so the midwives have been very understanding and have let me come in every week to hear the heartbeat on the doppler. That started week 8. I had my regular appt today and it was just an exam. Ah, that word sends shivers down my spine. Exams usually means I’m being poked and proded and you would think after 4 IUIs, hundreds of vaginal ultrasounds and the mother of all invasives, IVF, I would be used to a little speculum. Nope. I squirmed and complained about how it pinched and made faces and took dramatically long deep breathes, basically making a fool of myself and probably scaring the midwife into planning her vacation around my due date. It was over fast, though, and on with the question part of the exam. How’s my morning sickness. Still there but seems to be easing. When I went in on Tuesday for the heartbeat check, I told the nurse that I have been getting lightheaded. Apparently my blood pressure was very low and I was told to try to eat something every 2 hours, even if it is a couple of bites. So that’s what I’ve been doing. It seems to be working because I’m not really having the mind numbing nausea that has been haunting me since my IVF cycle started. I’ve lost quite a bit of weight and since I was already underweight, I now look like I’m wasting away. Good news is I’ve only lost a half a pound since I was weighed two weeks ago. Yay! Maybe I’m starting to turn the corner! I’m still experiencing my ridiculously intense exhaustion but I have been able to do a little more every day. Hubby even got homemade calzones for dinner tonight. I’m lucky that the smell of food doesn’t bother me, in fact I can’t wait to start craving food again and I have been watching the food network every day, dreaming of all the food I’m going to make when I’m finally ready to eat real food again! I did have a bit of a disappointing moment with the midwife, though. She looked at a letter my RE sent her and was told that my due date was 3 days later than I was told. That means instead of a new week every Wednesday, she’s counting my new weeks to start on Fridays. Whatever. I told her I didn’t care, I was still going to start my new weeks on Wednesday because I was originally told my due date was the 18th. Plus, my 2nd trimester will get here a little faster. Believe me, those 3 days make a difference. I will be so happy to have my next ultrasound (not this wednesday, but the next!!) and I think if it all looks good, we will spread the news to all who don’t know. And that’s pretty much everyone but the select few. I’m especially excited to tell my friend who is about 20 weeks preggo. She has been going on non-stop about “When your pregnant this and that…”, it’s a good thing I’m really am pregnant because she has no clue about how hard it is for someone dealing with infertility to hear their pregnant friend going on and on about being pregnant and then giving you advise for when YOUR pregnant. I just saw her today and she has the cutest bump and now I can’t wait to get a bump. Not sure when that will be, though. She was already unbuttoning her jeans in her 10th week and I just went out a bought jeans a size smaller than I normally wear. My spidey sense tells me I won’t have a bump for a really long time. Maybe it’s my skinniness or maybe my uterus is tipped back. I’ll be excited to get one, though. One of these days.

Anyway, I’ll probably be going back in the hear the little beansprout the middle of next week. It will be nice not to worry so much.


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    Sarah said,

    no fair, i had all the sickness and none of the weight loss! but don’t worry, you should be feeling much better soon!

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