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IVF 2.0 Here we go again!

It’s been 4 years since my first IVF journey (well, more like a terrifying roller coaster ride) and after a failed FET this past October, we are starting another fresh cycle…um…tomorrow! Well, I’m hoping. We were supposed to start in January but decided we weren’t quite there yet. Then February comes and the insurance company decided to give us the run around and we missed that cycle. March comes along and, oh Lordy, I have never in my life had so much trouble from an insurance company. Or any company for that matter. I made sure the medication was ordered 2 weeks ahead of time but was told they couldn’t really place the order until right before it shipped. They (the pharmacy) didn’t like to ship it too early in case the doctor wanted to change anything. Sure, I thought, that sounds rational. The day before the medication was to ship I got THE CALL. “Sorry, Myrtle, you’re insurance company says you don’t have coverage”. And that began my weeklong dance with the devil, ahem, insurance company. I was on the phone from 8:30 am until 9:30pm with maybe a 2 hour break one of the days. HOURS on the phone. The stress, the yelling (yes, I yelled) the tears. I became a crazy person because everyone I spoke to acted like they had the answer then the next person would say the person before was “new” and apparently didn’t know what they were talking about. And the computer system! At least that is what they blamed every problem on. I won’t go into the dirty details, I’ll just say after 4 full days of getting nowhere, I found the benefits coordinator at the hubby’s work who did in 1 hour what I couldn’t accomplish in, like, 30! So here I sit, my COVERED BY INSURANCE medication tucked safely in the closet (with a few Gonal-F pens in the fridge), starting to freak out that my cycle started today.

Holy crap. I remember last time I was obsessing already. I was on every support website I could find and was just completely consumed by the whole IVF thing. This time feels different. Maybe because I am pre-occupied by my 3 year old son (my IVF success!). Maybe I am just in disbelief that the thing I put off for years is now looming over me. Who knows? There are a lot of things different now. First, my son. Of course. The pressure that we will never have a child is off but the desire to have one more to finish our family is still strong as ever. We are in a new house. I have made some really good friends that are in on the IVF “secret”, so I actually have real life support now. Physically, I’m probably not where I should be. I never lost my pregnancy weight and now I’m like 40 lbs heavier than where I started the last time. Ugh. I’m older, too, which means my eggs are older (as they keep reminding me). I’m on so much more medication this time around I’m wondering what the RE is thinking. Speaking of the RE, my other one left the practice so I have a new one. My superstition alarms are going off all over the place. I want things to be exactly like they were the last time. But nothing is, well, except my crappy fertility issue. So tomorrow is my baseline bloodwork and u/s (in the town next to mine so no more 1.5 hour travel for monitoring! Yippee!) and we’ll see if my ovaries cooperate or if they decide to pop out a cyst. Stay tuned!


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