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My big ‘ol sigh of relief…

First of all I want to thank you all for your well wishes. Dealing with all of this IVF stuff can be so stressful and it really lifts the spirits knowing you have support.

OK, on to the good stuff. My retrieval was yesterday and to say I’m terrified is like saying the snow is kind of cold. Total understatement. I hate not being able to eat or drink after midnight and by the time I got to the clinic my mouth was completely dry. I started crying the minute I stepped into the sign in room (which was also the recovery room) and kept crying off an on the whole time. I think all the nurses felt bad for me because they kept coming over and being all sympathetic, which was nice but made me cry more. I had to change into the jazzy hospital gown and socks and then I really looked awful. Eyes swollen, no makeup, my hair a mess and a hospital gown that hung off me like I was wearing a tent…I looked like I escaped from an asylum. Lovely. I’ll bet hubby won’t get that picture out of his head for a while! They give me a valium and I suck down the 1/2 inch of water I got with it like I have been lost in the desert for a week. Then comes the IV. I warned the nurses (like I have a million times before) that my veins are hard to get and there is really only one that is good (no thanks to the lab tech that botched my only other good vein) and they said “we do this all day, there will be no problem”. Ha. I’ve heard that before. So the nurse goes for my arm vein and the other nurse wants me to hold her hand. I told her I really should hold my hubby hand because I’ll probably break hers. She thought I was kidding but quickly realized how lucky she was to have 2 working hands. I squeezed hubbys hand so hard I think I left permanent marks. I could feel the nurse trying to force the IV catheter in in two different places in my arm and then she decided to give up and call the anesthesiologist. Hubby looked at me and asked if he was pale. Pale? He looked like the sheet I was wrapped in. Apparently he looked as she was trying to force the IV in and thought it looked like an alien was in my arm. Now he’s on the verge of passing out and all the nurses are buzzing around him to prevent him from keeling over. Thanks for stealing my thunder, honey. Actually, we were both laughing about it as he was sipping on his ginger ale with an ice pack on his head. The anesthesiologist gets the IV in my hand after two more trys and they start the antibiotic. I made sure I would get anti-nausea meds too and apparently he gave me two different kinds. They worked like a charm, by the way. The doctor doing the retrieval comes over to introduce herself and asks if it’s ok if a student nurse watches. I’m crying again at this point and the student nurse peeks out from behind the doctor, and looked completely terrified. I have that effect on student nurses and intern doctors. Apparently me crying gets them all nervous and panicky. Actually, it’s kind of fun. I don’t do it on purpose but it’s a funny little side effect to my blubbering. Now I’m in the OR (first time in one and I was scared) and there are about 6 or 7 people buzzing around. The anesthesiologist tells me to take a deep breath and I’m starting at the ceiling with my eyes wide open thinking that the medicine isn’t working because I’m not sleepy. Then my arm starts to hurt as the meds go in and my head and face get all fuzzy. Next thing I know I’m waking up with hubby next to me and that was it! I don’t like the groggy feeling after the anesthesia but I really felt OK. After a while they made me use the bathroom and we were on our way. Not the most fun I’ve had, but much easier than I expected.

They retrieved 5 eggs but only 4 were mature. As of today, all 4 fertilized which is great. The clinic usually looks for a 50% fert. rate and ours was 100%. Of course, I’m freaked out that there are only 4 eggs to work with but I’m praying that they keep growing and turn into 4 healthy embies. I go in for my transfer on Saturday and then it’s bed rest time. Hubby has been wonderful. He’s so attentive and I’m really lucky to have him. Even if he is force feeding me protein and Gatorade. I’m not bloated today and I feel pretty good, although I was really sick to my stomach this morning but I think that was from all the sugar and salt in the gatorade from yesterday. I’m going to stick to smart water, instead. I don’t have to do the progesterone shots, but I do have to do the suppositories 3X a day. Fun. Hey, I’m not complaining! I would not relish having bruises on my bum for the next 10 weeks (hopefully).

Now I just have to wait until tomorrow afternoon to get the report on my embies. Keep on growing!


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