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Can I blame it on the Lupron?

I am writing as I sit on the couch watching the food network (which has been on for almost 2 hours) and trying to work up the motivation to go into the kitchen to refill my water. I have no desire to leave this couch let alone this room to walk 20 feet into the kitchen. I know when I get in there the pizza that I made will have to be put in the fridge and I will practically be tripping over a basket of dirty clothes that will have to be brought down to the laundry room. Basically I’m just plain, unapologetically, unforgivably, lazy. OK, I made the pizza from scratch (yay William Sonoma pizza stone!) and the house is straightened up and looks nice and clean (aside from the bedroom furniture that is still scattered around the house and the fridge still sitting in the middle of the kitchen) but I can’t believe that all I want to do is sit on the couch, Google anything that has the letters IVF in it and watch tv shows about making food or fixing up your house (hello, HGTV). Wow. Can I blame it on the drugs? Is this believable as a side effect? I’m thinking not. I haven’t even taken my prenatal or my B-12 vit yet. Hey, maybe that’s it. I need my B vit!

On the IVF front, besides Lupron making me lazy, it’s actually behaving itself every other way. I have a dull headache today but I think that’s from not having enough water and not sleeping enough. My belly is a tiny bit bloated but that could be from the enormous cookies I baked yesterday (and have been eating since). I’m hoping to have us moved back into our bedroom this weekend since the smell of the finish is not really bad anymore. As for the shots, I can’t seem to get used to them. When I poke the left side of my belly, it’s not too bad, but the right side is a different story. Last night I have to do the double poke again and it hurt even with the EMLA. I have little red dots from the needle but I’m not bruising. Probably because I use Arnica gel afterwards and that’s supposed to help with bruising. Not looking forward to 8:00 tonight. But it’s the left side so I shouldn’t have trouble. I’m thinking of just staying with the left until it’s too uncomfortable and then I’ll switch. I don’t know. I don’t really feel like thinking about it. I think I’ll just adjust my body and watch how to make a warm duck salad with saffron butternut squash. I’d never eat it, but at least I can say I know how to made it. Of course, I’d never make it, either, because I’m too freakin’ lazy.


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