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The quickest update this side of the Mississippi…

The IVF nurse called today and out of my 4 fertilized eggs, ALL 4 are now excellent embies!! I’m so happy! I was so worried that I only had 4 eggs and yet they all are real fighters and decided to stick around! I know a lot can happen in 24 hours, but I keep praying that they keep growing and doing their thing and I’ll have 2 beautiful embies to put back and hopefully 2 to freeze. I know because the clinic’s freezing criteria is strict that might not happen, but maybe I’ll give them a little pep talk tomorrow! The transfer is at 10:10am and after that I go for my acupuncture treatment and then home to bed. I’ll keep you all updated!!


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God has shown mercy on my poor hormonal soul.

I’d like to say that I was recovered from the soup fiasco by the time I went to bed, but I’d be lying. By the time I got to bed, I was exhaused and really just wanted to be able to sleep a little late. I had an accupuncture appt in the morning but really didn’t want to go. I actually came back downstairs to get my phone because I was hoping my acupuncturist would call to cancel. I knew the odds were low, but a girl could wish, couldn’t she? I tossed and turned all night and of course woke up an hour before my alarm went off. All of a sudden I hear my phone. Three guesses who it was… I couldn’t believe it wasn’t dreaming when I heard my acu asking to reschedule because she was still fighting a cold and didn’t want to make me sick! Hallelujah! I reset my alarm to go off so that I woke up for my eyebrow waxing appt (I figured I should probably put some effort into my appearance since Valentine’s day is almost here and hubby is probably sick of seeing me in a ponytail, yoga pants and yeti-brows) and thought I would love to reschedule that appt too, but I didn’t want to get charged so I would just call to make sure I had the right time. Lo and behold, when I called the girl said she was just about to call me to reschedule to tomorrow!! Nah ahh! I was so happy that I turn off my alarm completely and fell asleep for another hour or so.

I called hubby when I woke up to tell him of my wonderful morning and how everything worked out and as we talked I went and opened the fridge (I had to find something to make for lunch since mine was eaten yesterday. Grrr.) What do I see, practically glowing on the top shelf, but a big Panera Bread bag with two potato soups inside!!!!! Hubby made a special trip today to get me the soups because he knows they would make me happy. I was happy. Now, I know he’s been working late and has been watching his shows that I don’t like in another room. I know this is to avoid pissing me off with his loud breathing, yawning, sipping water or eating. Poor guy, everything bugs me right now. But he didn’t have to make a special trip to get me soup. Yet he did! He is definately getting the favorite husband award! So, although I was super tired today (even with all the extra sleep) I had a good day and I was so glad hubby was so thoughtful. Tomorrow is my baseline b/w and u/s. I hope the crazy u/s tech is on vacation and lab tech Gabour is in working. I’m up and out at 6am, probably before the sun is even up! I hope this Lupron did what it was supposed to and I can start stims soon!

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Doctor said to stop BCPs, yay!

So I have been feeling super sick since Wed.  At first I thought maybe I was run down, but each day got worse, not better and now I am feeling terrible.  Last night was the worst.  I took my pill at 10:30pm and felt ok but woke up around 3:30am or so and was so nauseous I couldn’t fall asleep until almost 9am.  Blech!  So I left my IVF nurse a message and told her what was up.  I figured, maybe I can break the pill in half or take it every other day, I would suffer through it if I had to but God bless the RE, she said to STOP the pill TODAY!  I was so happy.  I slept until about 1pm and then just hung around after that.  I still feel pretty sick but I’m sure in a day or so I’ll be much better.  Hubby and I even took the tree down tonight so my living room looks livable again.  I’m excited because I get my new stove delivered tomorrow and the old one is getting picked up by someone I sold it to online.  I’m hoping to have a good night sleep and not wake up in the middle of the night.  I really need the rest.  As for the rest of my cycle, I was worried that stopping the pill would cancel my cycle but now instead of starting Lupron on the 21st, I go in for a progesterone test on the 26th and if that looks good I start Lupron then!  I won’t be on it for very long and then it’s time to start stimming.  Hopefully I won’t get any yucky side effects from the rest of my meds.  From what I have read, bcps can be really hard on some women.  I’m so glad I’m done with them!  I’m thinking of having some kind of ceremony to get rid of them, launching them into space with a skull and crossbones sign on them seems appropriate!

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